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Planning Our topic for the next half term will be ‘Wonderful Me’ Our Book of the Half Term in the Rising 4’s will be: The Three Little Pigs We will use our topic of ‘Wonderful Me’ and the interests of the children to support and develop the focus in each of the 7 areas. The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 3’s will be: PSED: Learning routines and getting to know staff and peers Communication and Language: Listen and pay attention to a short story in a small group Physical Development: Join in with self-care routines such as hand washing Mathematics: Reciting numbers to 5 Literacy: Exploring mark making with a range of tools and materials Understanding the World: Exploring texture, media and materials Expressive Art and Design: Building and experimenting with construction bricks The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 4’s will be: PSED: Settling into Pre-School routines and agreeing rules Communication and Language: Focusing attention at story and recalling parts of the story Physical Development: Thinking about risks in play and keeping self safe (eg, bike helmets) Mathematics: Reciting numbers to 10 and finding totals Literacy: Talking about stories we have read; setting, characters, events Understanding the World: Exploring and talking about changes in materials, media, textures Expressive Art and Design: Building with bricks to create representations of objects

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