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The topic for this half term is: Looking After Our Environment. Through this topic we will be thinking about how we can look after our environment at Pre-School such as how to care for the plants and nature found in our garden. We will also think about how we can take care of our wider environment by thinking about recycling, saving energy and water.

We will provide short adult led activities each day to support children in reaching their next steps.

We will have a focus on repeating refrains in literacy, encouraging the children join in with the stories.

There will be a focus on Quantity and Capacity for maths with activities focused on developing the children’s understanding of quantity and capacity and develop their critical thinking skills.

The children will have lots of opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills through activities such as cutting, mark making, manipulating materials, climbing, running and pedalling.

There will be lots of opportunity for child-led play allowing the children to develop essential skills such as sharing, negotiating, developing imagination and language, sharing ideas and elaborating play.


Rising 4’s will have a book of the half term: Little Red Hen.

Rising 3’s will have top reads of the half term including: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, Little Red Hen and Cows In The Kitchen.

Rising 4’s Sound of the week

This term we will be begin to introduce the Rising 4 children to a sound of the week. We will begin with the sounds S,A,T,P,I,N introducing one of the sounds each week over the half term.

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