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Our topic for the next half term will be ‘Spring’. We will use our topic of ‘Spring’ to develop the
children’s knowledge of what Spring is, exploring what is changing in the Pre-School garden and
in the World around us at Spring. The topic will also be used to support the children’s learning
and development in the 7 areas of the EYFS.

In Session Phone: 07999 340 370

The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 3’s will be:
PSED: Thinking about what is a kind/unkind behaviour
Communication and Language: Have a go at answering what and who questions
Physical Development: Practising gross motor skills eg. jumping, climbing, etc and Oral Health
Mathematics: Understand and use positional language
Literacy: Talk about the characters in stories and think about how the story might end
Understanding the World: Observe and talk about changes to people, plants and animals
Expressive Art and Design: Explore and create with materials
Our weekly songs for the Rising 3’s will be: The Grand Old Duke of York; Daffodils; Chick, Chick,
Chick, Chick, Chicken; Five Little Easter Eggs; Little Easter Bunny; Hot Cross Buns
The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 4’s will be:
PSED: Think about how our actions affect others
Communication and Language: Use language to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings
Physical Development: Scissor Skills and Oral Health Care
Mathematics: Number: The ONE project maths activities
Literacy: Looking at fact books to explore different questions
Understanding the World: Life cycles of plants and animals
Expressive Art and Design: Creating representations with different media
In Rising 4’s PE Sessions the focus will be: Using balls and hoops
Phonics sessions with the Rising 4’s will focus on: Rhyming and Rhythm
Rising 4’s Book of the Half Term will be: The Enormous Turnip

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