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Planning Our topic for the next half term will be ‘Dinosaurs’. Through this topic we will provide small world and role play Dinosaur areas for the children to support their imaginary and role play. We will look at books about Dinosaurs and follow the children’s interests and questions as they arise. We will use the topic to support other areas of learning such as Literacy, Maths and Understanding the World. Our Book of the Half Term in the Rising 4’s will be Little Red Hen . The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 3’s will be: PSED: Understand behaviours have consequences Communication and Language: Use language to share feelings Physical Development: Use and hold different mark making equipment Mathematics: Investigate size and amount. Literacy: Practice mark making on different surfaces Understanding the World: Investigate cause and effect toys Expressive Art and Design: Use musical instruments to make sounds The focus in each of the 7 areas for the Rising 4’s will be: PSED: Thinking about others needs Communication and Language: Tuning into different sounds. Physical Development: Use tools to create lines and circles. Mathematics: Investigating measure and size and capacity. Literacy: Use words to create stories of our own. Understanding the World: Investigate cause and effect. Expressive Art and Design: Move in response to music/a story.

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