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The topic for this half term is: Jurassic World. Through this topic we will be using our imagination and creative skills to have a go at making Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Worlds from a range of materials. There will be opportunity for the children to create their own role play and explore the garden for Dinosaurs. We will also share books about Dinosaurs and follow the children’s interests as they develop.

This half term we will have a focus on activities which promote team work, self-awareness and self-confidence. We will also be promoting heath and self-care through activities which look at healthy food and exercise choices.

There will be a focus on ‘How many?’ in our Maths with activities focused on counting, finding the total number in a group and recognising numerals. 

We will focus on Nursery Rhymes and rhyming activities in Literacy, encouraging the children to join in with nursery rhymes and have a go at creating their own versions.

Books: Rising 4’s will have a book of the half term: If I Had A Dinosaur.

Rising 3’s will have top reads of the half term including: You Choose and Super Worm.

Children will also have opportunity to share books of their own choice from our book trolley.  

Rising 4’s Sound of the week

This ½ term we will revisit the sounds S,A,T, P, I, N to embed the children’s recognition and understanding of the different sounds.

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