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Our Curriculum Offer

Attenborough Church Pre-School Curriculum Offer

Our curriculum offer allows us to achieve our vision and is ambitious for all of our children. We place our children at the centre of our curriculum planning. It is as important to us to develop life-long learners who have a love of learning as it is for our curriculum to provide the knowledge and cultural capital that our children need for their future success. We create a safe, stimulating and enabling learning environment that makes the most of our indoor and outdoor spaces; learning happens everywhere and all of the time. We use a ‘blended’ approach to learning; we select topic areas to give us an over-arching theme which is designed to spark interest and act as a vehicle for building powerful learners by giving them the best possible foundations for their future learning. We select topic areas that are most suited to our children on a half termly basis. We ensure that every session has both topic and non-topic-based opportunities available to develop each area of learning as well as the characteristics of effective learning. We ensure full coverage of all of the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning which are equally valued, giving breadth, and are differentiated to give depth to maximise the potential of all children so that they will achieve outstanding progress against the early learning goals. We have robust links between our learning provision and the Early Years Foundation Stage assessment framework to ensure that children are exposed to learning opportunities that allow them to move on. We ensure that our activities provide our children with the opportunity to both consolidate their learning as well as stretch to their next stage of development. We plan for child-led and adult-led learning, making use of a repertoire of ‘teachable moments’ as well as allowing freedom for the children to play, explore and develop according to their interests and preferences. Our short term and in the moment planning fine-tune learning opportunities, taking into account readiness and individual next steps. Our Pre-School values (including British Values) are woven in to each topic area and constantly re-visited through our routines.


Some of our topic areas   

All about me

Pets and working animals

Staying healthy



People who work

Celebrations around the world

Young scientists

Senses and sensory play

Sparkle and shine


Helping others and charities

Numbers and shapes


Forest School

The great outdoors

Life cycles

Pirates and princesses


Transport and Vehicles


Physical activities

Technology and ICT

School visits and transitions


Our planning shows the learning intentions, the activities that we can implement to meet those intentions and the learning outcomes that we would expect to see to serve as evidence of impact, as measured against the Early Years Foundation Stage assessment criteria.


Together we care, play, learn, grow, succeed.

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