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Our Motto and Vision

Our Motto

Together we care, play, learn, grow, succeed.          

Our vision

We aim to nurture kind, happy, healthy, imaginative, reflective individuals with high self-esteem and a love of learning who are ready to make a positive contribution, form good relationships, make healthy choices and continue to flourish so that they may enjoy a well-balanced and successful future life as they fulfil their dreams.


We achieve our vision by

  • placing the needs and progress of our children at the centre of everything that we do.
  • being inclusive and ambitious for all of our children.
  • ensuring we have expert practitioners who role-model our values and are able to provide outstanding care and education.
  • having a culture of continuous improvement that is committed to securing the very best for our children as we achieve our charity aims.
  • working in partnership with our parents, carers and the wider community, understanding that working together achieves more for our children.
  • providing a safe, secure and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environment where our children are able to learn through playing and exploring as well as through more structured activities.
  • valuing each child as an individual, listening to them, respecting them and nurturing their independence.
  • delivering a rich curriculum offer that is supported by a wide variety of resources that interest our children and support them to make outstanding progress.
  • understanding that our focus is building a strong foundation for future success, respecting each child’s stage of learning and supporting their unique readiness to move forward, without limits.
  • Opening Hours
  • Monday-Friday see About Us Section for full hours
  • Full Days, Breakfast Club, Lunch Club, Morning and Afternoon Sessions available.