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Themes for this ½ term are as follows:

Wk 1 (05/11) – Fireworks, Bonfires, Diwali, Poppies

Wk 2 (12/11) – Autumn and Children In Need

Wk 3 (19/11) – Let’s Talk about Weather
Wk 4 (26/11) – Winter Animals and Birds

Wk 5 (03/12) – Christmas Folders

Wk 6 (10/12) – Christmas and Nativity

Wk 7 (17/12) – Christmas

Phonics Sounds:

In Rising 4’s last term we concentrated on our listening skills by taking part in weekly listening and attention activities to build up concentration through fun activities.

This term we will be listening and sounding out specific letters starting with P, followed by S, T, A, I, N. We will be including these sounds into weekly fun activities.

Sounds Table

We are introducing a sounds table in both rooms for all children to experience. This will have items relating to the sound of the week starting with S.
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